Privacy & Cookie Policy

Log Files

Like most other websites, when you visit Katelyn Brooke Designs information about your visit will be added to a log file stored on our web server. This information includes:

  • Your IP address
  • What browser you’re using and your operating system
  • The date and time of your visit
  • The referring URL if you clicked through to Katelyn Brooke Designs from another website
  • If you found Katelyn Brooke Designs from a search engine and what you searched for.

We do not use this log file data for tracking individual visitors.

Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer by your web browser when you visit some websites. These files can be used to save information about your preferences and may be used to track your visits to the website.

We might use cookies when you visit Katelyn Brooke Designs to record your preferences for a better user experience and to work out if you’re a first-time or returning visitor.

We also use cookies for Google Analytics. This is software provided by Google that allows us to view reports such as how many visits we get, the countries that visitors are browsing from, how visitors found our site, and what pages each visitor viewed. This helps us to improve our site. This information is anonymous and we don’t share personal data about our visitors with Google.

You have the option to disable cookies so they’re not stored on your computer. Please see your browser user manual for instructions on how to do this.

Your Personal Data

We don’t collect any personal information from you such as your name or email address unless you supply it (such as filling out the form to leave a comment or contacting us via the online form).

When you do supply your personal information, we don’t share it with anyone else.

Your personal information is only stored on our servers when it’s necessary for website functionality (such as the information published when you leave a comment).

We may publish and share compiled information about the demographics of our site users with third-parties such as advertisers. This will not be linked to any personal information that can be linked back to you.


When you leave a comment on Katelyn Brooke Designs, the information you enter along with your IP address and browser information will be collected and used to check for spam.

Your Data Rights & How We Protect Your Information

We take all appropriate security measures to make sure your personal information is protected from unauthorised access. This includes using secure passwords on our site, secure web server setup, and monitoring the site for suspicious activity.

Our website is run from a secure Linux server, with security updates and patches run on a daily basis or when required.

You have the right to request any information we hold about you, and that this information is corrected, updated, or deleted if necessary (unless we are obliged to keep it for legal, administrative, or security purposes). If you have left a comment on Katelyn Brooke Designs or filled out any online forms on the site and you would like a copy of the data we hold about you, you can request it through our contact form.

Third Party Sites and Content

We link to other websites and services throughout the content on Katelyn Brooke Designs. Unless otherwise stated, we don’t control the content or operation of these third-party sites. Please check the site terms and privacy policy of any site you visit from a link on this site to understand how your data may be used.

Acceptance of Data Use & Changes to This Privacy Policy

By using this website you are accepting how we collect and use your personal data as laid out in this document.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time. Please check regularly to stay informed of how we are collecting and using data from the users to this site.

If you have any other questions about the privacy of your personal data while using our site, please contact us.