Publishing Policy

The Route to Publication

We are big fans of high-quality, neutral, unbiased and original work by authors. We accept well-written, fact-checked, knowledge-powered articles from tech writers, designers and developers.

However, each submission will have to go through a review by our editors prior to publication. In addition to a check for plagiarism and some light editing, all contents must receive at minimum, two positive reviews before they can be published on the website.

Payment and Copyright

We will pay for articles that get published, unless the writer wishes to submit their work as pure contribution. All published content are the original work of the authors. We do not have influence over the advice, recommendations and opinions in, or the direction of, the contributed article. However, we reserve the final decision to reject posts that are not suitable for publication.

While all efforts are taken to ensure that none of the articles published on the website are illegally reproduced or have infringed upon the copyrights of another author, in the event that such a situation has been proven to have occurred, we will not hesitate to remove the said article from the website.

Materials for Publication

The goal of this website is to provide beneficial and accurate content for our readers. If you have been a long-time patron of the site, and have often read the articles we have been publishing, you know that we have the interests of our readers at heart.

We do not participate in link-exchange systems. Any form of criticism and suggestions put forth by our readers are appreciated but not received in lieu of favors for personal recommendations for their products/services, if any.

Posts that contain keywords or links in any part of the content, even in the author’s bio, that would confuse, or are attempts to game or influence search engine rankings will not be published and/or no-followed.

(We reserve the right to revise this Publishing Policy regularly and without prior notice to uphold the quality and integrity of this website for the interests of our readers – Updated: 24-03-2022)